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Traffic/Billing Interface

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Brett Miller

2003-02-07 08:12:55

Traffic/Billing Interface

Will Raduga interface and merge traffic/billing systems? If I prepare my traffic log using any of the standard traffic systems, can I export that day's file and merge it with an Airlist file to create a consolidated playlist or would I export the traffic information to a scheduled event or ?????

Bill Spry

2003-02-07 13:35:42

Re: Traffic/Billing Interface

Export it to the scheduled event list.

Natural Log does work with Raduga.

Doug Hutchison

2003-02-25 12:39:38

Re: Traffic/Billing Interface

Does anyone know if DARTS (traffic and billing) program will work with raduga?

Brett Miller

2003-02-25 12:58:14

Re: Traffic/Billing Interface

I contacted Larry Tschirhart at Natural Log. He confirmed (a little vaguely, however) that Natural Log did in fact work with Raduga. At Larry's suggestion, I downloaded a demo version of Natural Log, but have not had the opportunity to work on it.

I have used Natural Log before, specifically in conjunction with BSI WaveStation, and find that both the traffic system (Natural Log) and the music selector work very well.

I would also suggest that you download a demo version of Natural Log and give it try out. I believe you get 40 hours of use before having to purchase. Don't know if you can download another 40 hours worth or not.

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