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Shuffle mode problems

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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A C Porter

2003-03-13 14:41:08

Shuffle mode problems

I run Raduga in shuffle mode. When I restart Raduga and try to play the first song it won't play, it moves on attempting to play the next song but can't play that. It ends up just whizzing through the playlist. The error log reports an 'unspecified error' for each track.

I find that if I take it out of shuffle mode, start it playing, then put it back into shuffle mode things are fine.

However if there is a subsequent problem , Raduga starts whizzing through the playlist returning 'unspecified errors' for each song.

The log then reports:

22:36:12 shutdown
22:36:22 startup
22:36:31 error Unspecified error (C:\music\disc2\Peggy Lee & Benny Goodman - Blues In The Night (1940s)~3.4.mp3)

...and so on and so forth.

Any idea what this problem is? Whatever it is is clearly causing Raduga problems in that it can't keep going when things go wrong (as they sometimes do for no apparent reason).


Andrew Porter

Wolfgang Loch

2003-03-18 00:21:39

Re: Shuffle mode problems

I haven't heard of such problems before. How many songs are in the playlist? Did you check that all sound files exist on disk?

A Porter

2003-03-18 01:19:46

Re: Shuffle mode problems

All the songs are present on the hard disk. I am finding it very hard to de-bug as the error messages which are returned are very vague.


Wolfgang Loch

2003-03-18 13:25:02

Re: Shuffle mode problems

That's strange. If you play the first, Raduga does always the same thing, no matter which mode. In shuffle mode it will shuffle the playlist at the end of the last song.

Which operating system do you use?
How many songs are in the playlist?
Is there anything else which could help me reproducing this behaviour?

Peter van Ingen

2003-04-03 22:32:19

Re: Shuffle mode problems

Sometimes I have a simmelar problem and when I open the file in DS Play, I get the message: Can't find a combination of filters to generate a datastream (this is a translation, I get a Dutch message).

If these files are started in Raduga, it just skips. This problem got bigger when I installed Windows XP, by downloaded files from Internet.

For the question above: are there any Plug Ins installed? Some Plug Ins will also give problems.

Wolfgang Loch

2003-04-09 12:45:43

Re: Shuffle mode problems

Unfortunately there is no real standard for MP3 files. Therefore some files may not play properly with all players.

I strongly recommend you to encode all files yourself, all with the same tool and the same quality settings.

If you download files from the Internet, you should check carefully if they are compatible with Raduga.

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