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missing formum in DUTCH

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2003-03-23 02:37:57

missing formum in DUTCH

Who are the (or would-be) users of Raduga ?
i'm missing the possibility to discus in our own language...
maybe a tip for someone to register raduga.nl
and make a forum...


2003-03-23 02:38:38

Re: missing formum in DUTCH

must be : FORUM.
Do you see what i mean ?

Wolfgang Loch

2003-03-23 11:51:41

Re: missing forum in DUTCH

I could easily set up a new forum. But I don't know if it's a good idea, because I would not understand what you're talking about. I'd like to know about your ideas and problems, because I want to make future versions of Raduga even better.

dirk roels

2003-04-12 12:13:02

Re: missing forum in DUTCH

I found even a forum in spanish... do you know spanish verry well...



2003-04-13 23:32:47

Re: missing formum in DUTCH

You can always start a discussion group of your own somewhere on the net.
If you want to do it in Holland I know the person that owns www.raduga..nl.

The only thing is that some one has to translate all the serious questions in English en post them here.
And fore the people that can’t understand it.
Hier in het Nederlands. Begin zelf dag een forum. Dan kunnen we er met zijn alle op kletsen. Alleen met de serieuze vragen zal je toch hier moeten zijn.

Dirk Roels

2003-04-20 12:19:08

Re: missing formum in DUTCH

misschien nog zo'n slecht gedacht niet.
Zal eraan denken.

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