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scheduling time signals

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2003-03-25 05:07:04

scheduling time signals

hi all, may be a silly question.

I have scheduled a file with time signals at 59:54 every hour. I use a simple song-jingle rotation. If there is a song before these signals there is no problem or i do not mind if only plays it for few seconds, but if a jingle is on the air in that moment it stops in the middle of a sentence and the result is really bad. Does anybody know if it is posible to solve this without unchecking the "run immediately" feature?



2003-05-17 20:48:57

Re: scheduling time signals

I play a quick tone at the top of each hour. It sounds like the old CBS news chime.
To play the audio file I use a clever little program called chameleon clock. It plays the audio file over whatever is currently on the air and synchronizes the computer clock too.

Luis Filipe

2003-05-20 16:02:42

Re: scheduling time signals


I installed the chameleon clock and for some reason it has muted the audio player, and during the alarm period it un-mutes the audio player during a few seconds.
Can you please explain why?

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