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shuffling rotation lists?

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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A Porter

2003-04-24 12:12:36

shuffling rotation lists?

Hi - is there any way to force a rotation list to shuffle itself every now and then?

I'm complining automated shows using a template format eg:

- jingle rotation
- music rotation
- music rotation
- voice track rotation
- ad break rotation


Only problem is the music will always be in the same order.

I did try using 'random' to insert random music tracks, but apparently Raduga doesn't remember what it's just played and there's nothing to stop the same piece of music being played twice in succession, or very close to each other.

Any advice?



Wolfgang Loch

2003-04-24 12:20:19

Re: shuffling rotation lists?

You can force a rotation to be shuffled after the last track from the rotation has been played. To do this, open the .rotation file with a text editor (notepad) and append this line:


I'm not sure if the 'Shuffle' flag will be reset when you make changes to the rotation.

A Porter

2003-04-24 12:50:28

Re: shuffling rotation lists?

Thanks for that. That seems to do the trick. The 'shuffle' flag also remains intact when I make changes to the rotation.

Thanks again.

Jorge David Ljubich

2003-05-06 21:53:02

Re: shuffling rotation lists?


We have written a simple conversion program in C that takes every add, jingle, song, etc. from any WinAMP (.m3u), Windows MediaPlayer (.wpl, better because remains file location before changin its location/name), or any other plain-text playlist file and creates a .rotation one giving the user the hability to indicate destination path and suffling (optional) its content.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you consider this tool helpful for you, too!



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