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Internet Jukebox

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Wolfgang Loch

2003-04-25 10:17:56

Internet Jukebox

This thread splits off Dirk's idea of a "Jukebox" from the "What I'm missing" thread. The idea is to let radio listeners insert their favourite songs into the radio program via Internet.

Actually it's that kind of applications that I had in mind when I developped the Raduga developer kit (aka Raduga SDK). It allows third-party developers to control certain functions of Raduga with an external program. For example, it can read and modify the master playlist.

I would be glad to support anyone who wants to build such an extension and who has a valid license of Raduga Professional Edition.

If somebody wants to sponsor me, I would like to develop the Jukebox extension myself.

Chuck Conrad KZQX Radio www.kzqx.com

2003-04-25 15:59:27

Re: Internet Jukebox


I'd be interested, but I have a limited budget. Unfortunately, I've never had the time to learn how to use the SDK software. Just running our station keeps me really busy.

I think the idea of doing something like this is quite exciting.


2003-05-26 11:15:59

Re: Internet Jukebox

Hallo Wolfgang,
We´ve developed a tool so that listeners can bring in their own favourite song, and this within a few seconds.
If you want to have more information about this, you can send a mail to me.

Koenraad Verleyen

Goos Mante

2003-05-26 15:11:23

Re: Internet Jukebox

I'm intrested to in such a tool it should be great that the listners could take care of their favourite songs

Let me know by mail wolfgang if your ready...



Dirk Roels

2003-05-31 08:30:52

Re: Internet Jukebox

interesting tool ???
Can we find it somewhere on the web?
I think you have made a script and integrated it in a website, or am i wrong?


2003-05-31 22:38:34

Re: Internet Jukebox

Well Dirk, you are right. I´ve tested it serveral months on the internet and it worked just perfectly. I´ll speak with wolfgang in the next couple of days about bringing it into the right raduga outfit.


2003-06-07 18:21:26

Re: Internet Jukebox

A verry interesting tool !!

Can i already find it somewhere on the internet ?

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