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Miniplaylists skipping tracks

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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A Porter

2003-04-27 11:52:17

Miniplaylists skipping tracks

I have 7 items in a miniplaylist. When I call the miniplaylist as a scheduled event,
the mpl window pops up with all the items present, but it only plays the first two items.

If I go to File > Open and open the .mpl file that way, all the items are present and all of them play without problem.

Any suggestions?

A Porter

2003-04-27 11:57:24

Re: Miniplaylists skipping tracks

Doh! Just realised I'd put rotations in a miniplaylist which you can't do.

Why does the software not let you do that? Its a bit inflexible, surely?

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