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2003-04-29 15:53:04


Does raduga support Digigrams soundcards? Thank.

Peter van Ingen

2003-04-30 00:22:28

Re: Digigram

Good question. I once installed Raduga on a PC which was in use for DALET with a Digigram soundcard, but it would not work. I don't know if it was the soundcard or the complete configuration for DALET.

Wolfgang Loch

2003-04-30 12:33:59

Re: Digigram

Raduga uses only the standard sound support provided by Windows. It does not support or require a special sound card. If the Digigram sound card installs a standard Windows driver, it should run happily with Raduga.

Unfortunately I cannot test every possible hardware comination myself. If you experience any problems, please send the the related error messages. Maybe I can make some sense of it.


2003-05-01 03:40:15

Re: Digigram

Digigram sound tracks are MPEC2 files (world radio standard).

You can play these tracks in raduga if you got mediaplayer 9 installed?
Some one told me. But there is a plugging for winamp. And than you can convert them to MP3.
Only remember that a MP2 file has a limit of 15Khz and a MP3 file can go over 20Khz.

Wolfgang Loch

2003-05-01 09:56:48

Re: Digigram

Yes, you can play .mp2 files with Raduga. But you don't need a Digigram sound card for it. I suppose, the MPEG file will be software-decoded even if the hardware supports MP2 decoding directly. If you have a Digigram sound card and the DSPlay tool, you can see what happens.

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