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Volume-Based Crossfade

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Peter Preissegger

2001-10-30 01:45:58

Volume-Based Crossfade

Will Raduga 3.5 provide the possibility to fade to the next track when the level falls below a specified value? This feature would result in perfect mixes without setting a specific mix-time for each track!

Or as an alternative: who knows a tool which scans mp3 files and cuts the (quiet) end of a file automatically?


Wolfgang Loch

2001-10-30 02:02:48

Re: Volume-Based Crossfade

Raduga 3.5 simplifies assigning the best mixpoint in a sound file. When you press the tilde (~) key during playback, the mixpoint will be set to the current playback position.

On my to-do list is a tool which scans MP3 files off-line and assigns the mixpoint automtically by renaming them. This tool will be sold as an add-on to Raduga once it is finished.

If you are using AudioCatalyst to create MP3 files from audio CDs, you can automatically trim trailing silence from these tracks. Or you can use an audio editor, such as Cool Edit to do this manually.

Peter Preissegger

2001-11-02 04:59:29

Re: Volume-Based Crossfade

Hey, good ideas (both, ~-Key and offline tool).



2001-11-08 09:15:50

Re: Volume-Based Crossfade


There is a relatively good program out there called "MP3 Trim." I use it and it works well for me. They also offer a program for trimming Wav files(Wav Trim). Check it out. http://www.logiccell.com~mp3trim/

Jerome Petit

2002-01-01 05:35:39

Re: Volume-Based Crossfade

The ~ key doesn't work on a French keyboard. You did say it was during playback right ?

I still have to wait for the end of the song to rename it with the ~ at the end.



Wolfgang Loch

2002-01-01 05:45:57

Re: Volume-Based Crossfade

I don't know how it works on a French keyboard, but on a German keyboard you have to press <Alt Gr> and <*> for the ~ character. And yes, Windows 95-ME is not able to rename files that are in use. On these systems you have to wait until the end before you can finally rename it. On Windowes 2000/XP you can rename it while it's still playing.

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