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Change Album and Events Change at Specified Time

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Stephen F. Goffreda

2003-05-13 17:41:55

Change Album and Events Change at Specified Time

Our format is CHR. From 6:00 AM - 11:00 AM on weekends, however, we run an oldies show.

We use Airlist to make the CHR playlist for regular programming, and a special list for Saturday AM and Sunday AM.

Each album is launched with its own events, for example EVENTS.INI on weekdays, and OLDIES.INI on Saturday morning. That's because the liners and jingles are different.

How can we launch the Saturday morning program on time, without changing the album and the event list manually?

We also need to make the programming (album and event list) change back on time. The show runs from 6:00 AM - 11:00 AM on Saturday morning, and a similar process takes place on Sunday morning.

I was wondering if it's a case of embedding codes within an album?

If you can figure this out, please send explicit step-by-step directions.

By the way, the Raduga program is great!

Wolfgang Loch

2003-05-14 12:31:40

Re: Change Album and Events Change at Specified Time

Say you want to make a show, which consists of a master playlist, scheduled evenst and special jingles.

You can start the complete show with a single scheduled event if you add the jingles and events at the beginning of the playlist.

1. Set up all scheduled events and save them to an events.ini file
2. Configure the jingles for the show and save the list to a jingles.ini file
3. Create the master playlist with all the music files
4. Add the events.ini and jingles.ini file to the playlist. You may need to disable the option "Accept media files only", because .ini files aren't actually media files.
5. Move the 2 .ini files to the top of the master playlist
6. Save the masterplaylist to a file, for example MyShow.alb
7. Create a scheduled event which loads the master playlist (MyShow.alb) at a specified time

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