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music packeting

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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chuck mckinley

2003-05-17 23:42:51

music packeting

first, congrats on raduga. looks good. heres my question. this from experience in other radio software where you could "packet" songs or mostly artists within a rotation of create better rotation....
in raduga could this be achieved by....creating the rotation, and(pretend it a 60's format and there 37 beatles songs)..packet these songs in a minilist that would be placed in rotation and the 37 beatles songs would rotate equally in the minilist that comes up in rotation. would that work?

anyway, i like what i see..

chuck mckinley

Wolfgang Loch

2003-05-18 14:15:29

Re: music packeting

A mini playlist will always play all contained items, just as if it were a single item. A rotation on the other hand will play one item at a time. I think what you are looking for is something like a rotation within a rotation; but that's not supported.

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