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Posted on: Raduga (English)

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rob de rooij

2003-06-04 07:31:17


sometimes Raduga plays 2 Seconds of a song and jumps to the next,

i got the media player 9, windows 2000 and still this problem come up,

what to do?

Wolfgang Loch

2003-06-04 08:10:39

Re: problem

This problem had been reported before. But it's really hard to reproduce.

I will try to investigate further on this. If you have some additional information that could help to reproduce the behaviour, please inform me in a private email (wolo@wolosoft.com) or use the bug report form (on the left).


2003-06-06 18:32:14

Re: problem

you need to find the two files that sagued and caused it and it will repeat I have winxp and it happens

Richard Luckhurst

2003-09-14 05:02:54

Re: problem

I had this happen to me tonight with a Win2000 Pro setup. The Dr Watson Logfile showed that media player had an access violation. I had just upgraded to Media Player 9.

Ashley-Kenneth Allen

2003-11-20 12:14:53

Re: problem

I am also have the same problem. It is very random, and it seems to happen more on shorter events that I have set to overlap.

please advise

Spanish Fork Broadcasting

2004-01-21 21:25:00

Re: problem

Same here, make the stations sound like crap, this problem has been ongoing, why no solution?????????????

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