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Simple (?) Suggestion

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Chuck Conrad KZQX Radio www.kzqx.com

2003-06-09 08:43:33

Simple (?) Suggestion

It would be very handy if the blue bar in the Master Playlist Window could be toggled to default at the top of the page or the bottom of the page at the users request.

While it is nice to know what song just played, I've found that it would also be very useful to see the next several songs in the queue. This would make it fairly easy to monitor what's coming up, so you could avoid potential "train wrecks."

Just a thought.


Wolfgang Loch

2003-06-10 13:51:20

Re: Simple (?) Suggestion

Thank you for your suggestions.

1.) Why would you like to change the position of the master playlist? Using the Raduga SDK it is possible to create some simple alternative layouts for Raduga 3.5/3.6. If you would like to suggest a layout for Raduga 4, you can send me a picture or screenshot.

2.) Actually there is no "queue". The actual order of songs is determined at runtime with consideration of the master playlist, scheduled events, rotations and random tracks. All these items may change at any time, even in the last second before going on air.

For Raduga 4 I consider adding a queue in addition to the master playlist, meaning songs in the queue always play before any items in the master playlist or scheduled events. Once an item is added to the queue it cannot be removed manually. While this concept may make some things easier, it may be harder to understand.

Chuck Conrad KZQX Radio www.kzqx.com

2003-06-10 15:40:27

Re: Simple (?) Suggestion

Actually, what I meant to suggest is just a change in the way the operator sees what is going to happen next. Right now, the box labeled ”Master Playlist” shows the last several songs that were played at the top. The "on air" blue bar indicates the song that is currently playing. It defaults to the next to the bottom position on the box. The next song to be played is in the bottom position.

From my perspective, it would be more useful if the default view showed only the last couple of songs played, followed by the blue bar indicating “Now Playing.” Below that I’d like to see the next several songs to be played. This way, at a glance I could avoid problems like accidentally playing five Frank Sinatra songs in a row.

Of course, I can manually move the blue bar at anytime to see what I’m looking for, but it eventually creeps down the page towards the bottom of the box. This is not a big deal, but would be helpful to keep an eye on upcoming music, without having to actually sit in front of the on air computer. In a small radio station, multi-tasking is a way of life.

Since not all operators will think my suggestion is convenient, can you make it so you can toggle between “Blue Bar On Top” or “Blue Bar on the Bottom”? A third position, “Blue Bar in the Middle” would be helpful. In fact, if there is only one choice, I vote for the bar in the middle.

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