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Delay Bug in play a rotation file

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Eric Wood

2003-06-17 08:15:42

Delay Bug in play a rotation file

I have a number of 10 second .mp3 files all put in a rotation playlist - these are my promos. From my master playlist, I schedule the promo rotation to play. Every now and then, a promo will play and I'll get silence before the next song - even though there is no silence in the mp3 file themselves. The "silence detection" option does help out. But, is this a bug?

Wolfgang Loch

2003-06-17 09:41:02

Re: Delay Bug in play a rotation file

Can you please send me the rotation file by email to wolo@wolosoft.com. If you have any additioan info, let me know.

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