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Noel Roberts

2003-06-23 18:35:59

Hot Keys

We are wondering whether any thought has been given to the ability to play a rotation file from a hot key.

We need to manually play a different sponsor message every hour. It would be very useful if you were able to hit one of the function keys and play the next message in the rotation.

Wolfgang Loch

2003-06-30 12:35:13

Re: Hot Keys

Good idea, but it's currently not possible. Maybe in the next version.

But you could start a second instance of Raduga and set it to "manual" player mode. Then add one or more rotations to the master playlist. By double-click on one of these rotation files you will play one track from the rotation. When you double-click again, you'll get the next track.

Noel Roberts

2003-06-30 18:24:19

Re: Hot Keys

Hi Wolfgang - Thanks for the suggestion but we had already tried running a second application of Raduga.

The problem is that we use Raduga's built-in remote start function and when you press the start button, both versions start at the same time. :(

It would be ok if only the active window played - but they both do.

We can overcome this problem by having the annoucers use the 'N' key but they don't always remember.

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