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Please Help - Random Music Hours

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Pete Chapman - Link Radio UK

2003-07-03 05:27:29

Please Help - Random Music Hours

Hi Folks,

We are looking to play a specialist music selection between 5pm - 6pm every day, and we need it to be fully automated.

we would like to schedule Raduga to play 19 songs from a folder in a random order (the folder contains 57 songs)

I know I could prep 7 mini play lists per week and schedule them, but that’s not really what I want to be doing.

I thought about putting 19 random commands in one mini play list then scheduling the mini play list, but it says it wont work.

Please Help

Thank You Please


Chuck Conrad

2003-07-03 07:46:40

Re: Please Help - Random Music Hours

If you make a ".alb" file for these 57 songs, and run it as a scheduled event in "shuffle" mode, you’ll come close to doing what you want. Every time the file is called up in your scheduler, it will shuffle before it is played. That's fairly random. :-)

You need to schedule the "57 songs.alb" file to start at 5:00 PM and then you need to schedule your "Default Playlist.alb" to start at 6:00 PM. Unfortunately, Raduga will shuffle the default playlist when it returns to it. Although I'd be happier if it would just pick up where it left off, it actually seems to work out OK.

I've been running Raduga this way for the last few days, and so far, no train wrecks.

Pete Chapman - Link Radio UK

2003-07-03 12:01:30

Re: Please Help - Random Music Hours

Yeah cheers sounds good to me, your right it would be good for it to 'kick of' where the main playlist left off.


once again cheers


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