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ID3 mp3 title and shoutcast server

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2003-08-06 02:15:32

ID3 mp3 title and shoutcast server


I am currently testing the raduga demo version to see if it can fit my automation needs.

So far, it seems to be ok, but i want to validate the whole system before buying it.

I have mostly one problem, and one request:

the problem: in the boxes where you can see the next title, the current title and the last one, that is the file name that is displayed. I would like to have the ID3 display instead (it seems to be obvious that is really better to have that than the filename ;) )

the request now:

it seems there is a raduga plugin to send current title to a shoutcast server, i would try it before buying raduga 3.6. I know there is no demo but i need to validate the soft before buying cos for an individual 700$ is quite a lot of money and i want to be sure that everything is ok.

Another things: i have multi-streams system (128 K mp3, 64K mp3pro): is this module able to handle the mutli stream system by sending meta information to each stream in order to see the title as well as some other information on winamp.

Another question:
Is this module able to send the meta in order to send the next song title: like: next: Michael Jackson-Beat it, and then send the current song title.


Wolfgang Loch

2003-08-08 00:27:47

Re: ID3 mp3 title and shoutcast server

Regarding ID3 tags. Yes, it's planned to add support for them in Raduga 4. I thing this has to be optional, because it will take much longer to load a master playlist if Raduga needs to extract this information from each file.

Regarding the SHOUTcast add-in. It's a really simple script and you will receive the full source code. You can modify it to upload meta information to multiple servers. Using the Raduga scripting interface (see Raduga SDK) you can also determine the next song title. But I don't know if you can display it in Winamp.

The Raduga Professional Edition contains one year developer support, meaning I can help you to customize the add-in to fit your requirements.

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