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Whats Playing now feature.......

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Don Herbert

2003-08-07 23:09:51

Whats Playing now feature.......

Can anyone tell me how I can get "Whats Playing Now" feature to be on my Website and also on the player "Windows Media 9 I believe" so everyone can see whats playing????

Is this easy or a hard task????

Wolfgang Loch

2003-08-08 00:14:58

Re: Whats Playing now feature.......

If you already use Windows Media Encoder, then it's pretty easy to display the current song in Windows Media Player. There's an Raduga add-in availbale for this task, including installation instructions. Please ask Bill for the WMEncoder add-in file.

Displaying the current song on the web is more difficult, because it depends on your web server configuration. You can use the "CurrentSong" add-in from http://www.wolosoft.com/en/raduga/add-ins.html to write the current song name to a file, but you are responsible for uploading it to your web site. The Raduga SDK contains more information about add-ins and some more sophisticated examples.

Perry Scott

2005-02-11 15:42:29

Re: Whats Playing now feature.......

Hey There i,m working with Raduga 3.6!
but are the add inns also for this version??

Thanks, Perry

Wolfgang Loch

2005-02-14 19:02:45

Re: Whats Playing now feature.......

The add-ins CurrentSong, WMEncoder and Shoutcast are also available for Raduga 3.6. Please e-mail your Raduga license data to wolo@wolosoft.com and I will send you the add-ins.

By the way, Raduga 3.8.7 includes the FtpUpload add-in, which is not available for Raduga 3.6. You should give it a try.

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