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Rotation Problems

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Charlie Davy

2003-08-14 09:22:30

Rotation Problems

The .rotation feature isn't working in v3.6.

I created a file of my 80s songs, just like a .ALB or .MPL file - but called it 80s Hits.rotation and when Raduga's Scheduler got to it, it popped up the message box saying "item not found"...

Have I missed something obvious ?

Bill Spry

2003-08-15 05:29:01

Re: Rotation Problems

Make sure you are calling the correct filename to open. If you have it wrong, you'll get an error. Also, it would be a good idea to go to Option>General and check "Ignore All Errors".

Charlie - If I can be bothered, I may do a remix f

2003-08-16 02:24:37

Re: Rotation Problems

Yes I've got it now - you have to actually select the file type because ROTATION needs a few more bits of data in the file!

I was just putting: "80s His.rotation"
and Raduga didn't like it!


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