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No Repeat Random

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Charlie Davy

2003-08-16 02:27:52

No Repeat Random

Sorry if this has been discussed before...

How about a "No Repeat Random" where you can specify a minimum repeat time for anything contained in the playlist. ie: if you have a shorter playlist than the minimum rotation setting, then Raduga will have to tell you that songs will be more frequent.

Wolfgang Loch

2003-08-27 08:19:04

Re: No Repeat Random

The "Random" mode works like a dice. With some luck you can thow 3 times a 6 in a sequence.

You may also want to try the "Shuffle" mode. It works like "Black Jack". You will never see 2 times the same card.

Charlie Davy

2003-08-28 05:15:08

Re: No Repeat Random

Thanks, I've been using SHUFFLE mode for a few days now. I'm running WinXP and I've not had any problems.

This includes doing my Cool Edit stuff on the other sound-card. The compressor plugin is also quite handy.


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