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Batch files in Scheduled Events

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Richard Luckhurst

2003-09-17 15:51:13

Batch files in Scheduled Events

I am having trouble using a batch file in the event schedule. As I read the manual I should be able to place a batch file or an executable in the schedule just like any other form of media. I truied this last night by setting up a new event and I browsed for the batch file. When I tried to run the event I get an error that it is an unsupported format. I have no problem running the batch file from windows explorer so I know there is nothing wrong with the batch file. Has anyone had any experience in getting a batch file to work in the schedule?

Charlie Davy

2003-09-17 17:46:32

Re: Batch files in Scheduled Events

Have you got the checkbox "Accept only Media files" selected by any chance ?

If you have, then Raduga will not run INI, BAT, EXE files.

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