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Cuts off Beginning of Some Events

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Steve Goffreda

2003-09-18 09:43:50

Cuts off Beginning of Some Events

Occasionally I have a problem where a song ends and an event is scheduled to begin (such as a liner or a jingle or the weather), and Raduga cuts off the beginning of the event. It seems to happen more when a song has a cold ending (followed by the event) than it does when a song has a fade. Is there a setting that could prevent it from cutting off the beginnings of events?


2003-10-04 19:04:08

Re: Cuts off Beginning of Some Events

Since i bought sblive soundcard i have the same problem. But here is simple idea that you can try. Go to control panel-sound and audio device and set hardware acceleration to standard or normal position. It shuld be work!

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