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Fade Time

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Chuck Conrad

2003-09-22 14:33:49

Fade Time

I run Raduga with a 2 second cross fade. For our format, it is a good compromise. Every now and then, somebody sends me a file that stops cold, with no dead air at the end, so the cross fade starts too early and cuts off the last little bit of the file. Currently, I just go into an audio editing program and insert a second or two of silence and everything works fine. It is a little time consuming though. Can I use the “~” and express a hold time as a negative number? For instance “music.mp3~2” for a two second hold? Just curious? I suppose I could try it, but it is easier (and less embarrassing) to not experiment on the air

Wolfgang Loch

2003-09-23 00:58:54

Re: Fade Time

No, you can't have a negative overlap time. But you could insert a pause of 2 seconds after the song.

If you use the Shuffle or Random mode, then the pause won't work, but then you could make a mini playlist which contains the song with the hard ending and a pause.

Chuck Conrad

2003-09-23 06:34:25

Re: Fade Time

I do use the shuffle mode all the time, so I think it is easier to just open the offending song in an audio editor and add a little silence at the end.

I'm just always looking for an easier way.

John Seen

2003-10-06 04:01:47

Re: Fade Time

Why You simple make an puug in for raduga like in winamp bit-crossfading, not a time crossfading it's much better for broadcasting

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