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Jingle Set Scheduling

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Jorge David Ljubich

2003-09-27 21:01:28

Jingle Set Scheduling


May I load different jingle SETS from the event schedule?



Wolfgang Loch

2003-09-28 03:29:40

Re: Jingle Set Scheduling

Yes, you can save the current jingle set as an .ini file, for example "Jingles for Week 42.ini". You can schedule this .ini file on the last day of week 41. When the event is fired, Raduga will remove all existing events and add the events from the .ini file.

Charlie Davy

2003-09-28 03:34:41

Re: Jingle Set Scheduling

I guess that Raduga knows the difference between an EVENTS.ini + JINGLE.ini ?

I use the Scheduler to load a new INI for evening playlists/events, but haven't thought about trying it with Jingles...

Got me thinking.. !

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