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Autoplaylists into .rotation's

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Jorge David Ljubich

2003-10-10 15:55:11

Autoplaylists into .rotation's


You probably may help me. I need to convert every Windows MediaPlayer Autoplaylists that I have created in the media library into its corresponding .rotation. For example,..

C1911076.wpl: Source Windows MediaPlayer Autoplaylist

(Original XML code was filtered, unfortunatelly)

I need to get something like the following destination file...

C1911076.rotation: (destination .rotation text-based file)


There is a Windows MediaPlayer SDK function that convert Auto Playlists into Static Playlists and create destination playlists in the media library; but, it apparently does not create regular destination text files...

Well, any comment will be appreciated!

Best regards,


Wolfgang Loch

2003-10-12 14:23:46

Re: Autoplaylists into .rotation's

Probably the easies way to convert .wpl files is to save the playlist as M3U playlist in Windows Media Player. Then you can open the .m3u file in Raduga and save it as .rotation file.

Jorge David Ljubich

2003-10-14 10:29:15

Re: Autoplaylists into .rotation's


Well, I need to convert into .rotation's about 150-Windows MediaPlayer Autoplaylists (.wpl) several times a day. Each playlist corresponds to one different music category; ea.: 'Uk.Rock.Fast.90's.Duets.Acoustic.General.wpl' or 'Us.Pop.Middle.00's.Groups.Original.Top-40.wpl'.

I use Windows MediaPlayer to administer most song tags and Auto (or dinamic) PlayLists to query and import songs into Raduga's .rotation's.

A simple Windows MediaPlayer SDK function (http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/library/en-us/wmplay/mmp_sdk/workingwithmedialibrary.asp) allows me to convert every AutoPlaylist to static playlists; then, another simple program that I was written in C, those static playlists into .rotations.

It works fine; but, quite slow... because I have to manually run both 'artisan' processes. I'm sure Wolosoft could consider a really good integration between Raduga and Windows MediaPlayer for the next Raduga version. For example, If Raduga would inform Windows MediaPlayer how often plays a song, Windows MEdiaPlayer Autoplaylists could exept that song until a reasonable period of time to avoid song repetition, and so...

Well, I will be working on this...

Best regards,


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