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Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Andre Depre

2003-10-25 06:03:23



Raduga 3.13, that we use at our station, is able to play different audiofiles, like wave, mp3 and WMA, but no mp4.

As we prefer using Fraunhofer mp4 over using the WMA codec, I wonder if there's an update or patch available for Raduga 3.13. Thanks!

Best regards,
Andre Depre
Radio Tienen FM.

Wolfgang Loch

2003-10-25 06:25:23

Re: MP4

Raduga uses the DirectShow filters (codecs) that are installed on your Windows system. As soon as there is an MP4 codec available, you will be able to use it with Raduga.

I recommend you to try the patent-free Ogg-Vorbis format. It is more widely used than MP4 and there is a free DirectShow filter available from:


Andre Depre

2003-10-25 07:22:02


Thanks for the swift answer Wolf!

Andre Depre

2003-10-27 03:06:06

MP4 AAC decoder for Windows


The MP4 AAC decoder for Windows can be downloaded for free from www.AudioCoding.com

But as I know not that much about computers, I don't know how to install it in Win 2000, so that Raduga can play MP4 AAC as well.

I use Nero 6 to make MP4 AAC audio files.

Could you take a look and offer any assistance on how to install this MP4 AAC decoder please?

Best regards,
Andre Depre

Wolfgang Loch

2003-10-27 05:14:42

Re: MP4 AAC decoder for Windows

This site only offers source code for the decoding algorithm. It does not contain a DirectShow filter.

But a DirectShow filter may be found here:

Please report your experiences if you get it to work.

Wolfgang Loch

2003-10-27 05:33:41

Re: MP4 AAC decoder for Windows

You can also try this one:

Andre Depre

2003-10-29 06:35:17

MP4 AAC DirectShow Filters.

I installed both those DirectShow filters, but when I try to play an MP4 AAC audiofile (created with Nero 6) in Raduga, the Windows program error message appears: "Raduga has generated an error and will be closed by Windows."

So I'm sorry to report, that I didn't get it to work.


2003-10-29 06:43:30

Raduga didn't recognize MP4 AAC file format.


A question mark (?) in front of the title of the MP4 AAC audiofile in the Raduga playlist indicated that Raduga still didn't recognize the MP4 AAC audiofile format.

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