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Good practices required

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Jorge David Ljubich

2003-10-29 17:06:46

Good practices required


I would like you to recommend me how to...

a. Schedule a pause in the middle of an .alb list -to allow the speaker indtroduce a song or read a note- avoiding Raduga losses pending events after continuing automatic program.

b. Does Raduga auto load an event list, jingles file, or .alb according to their names. For example, dayhour.alb or similar?

Comments will be appreciated!


Bill Spry

2003-10-30 04:48:53

Re: Good practices required


A: To pause the playlist after a song finishes, push the "BREAK" button while the song is playing. Once pushed, Raduga will finish the song currently playing, then stop and cue up the next track. When the annoucer finishes talking he simply pushes the play button to re-start Raduga.

B: Raduga can auto load an event list or .alb playlist by scheduling it in the events scheduler OR placing the appropriate filename in the playlist. When Raduga encounters one of these items in a playlist it will open it automatically once it comes to it in the playlist.

Jorge David Ljubich

2003-10-30 20:25:47

Re: Good practices required


Thanks for your comments, but...

a. Every pending schedulled items (not songs in the playlist) are lost (overpassed) when the announcer press the play button, after breaking the show for a presentation.

b. Well, but I would like the EVENT file itself be auto loaded by Raduga when running. Which is the appropriated filename format?

Thanks in advance,


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