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No sound at 256 Kb

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2003-11-01 08:00:39

No sound at 256 Kb

Hi Bill,

Raduga won't give a sound on a mp3 256Kb.
It plays but no sound, please can you tell me how come?


Charlie Davy

2003-11-01 09:01:55

Re: No sound at 256 Kb

Don't use 256k !

Increase bit-rate to 320k/bit | works fine.

Just to make sure, have you got the latest drivers for your sound card ? Although if other apps can play the mp3, it suggest Raduga is at fault.

Bill Spry

2003-11-01 11:05:04

Re: No sound at 256 Kb

This is a result of the mp3 encoder that you are using. For best results stick with either the Fraunhofer encoder or the Xing encoder. For a FREE encoder the Blade encoder also works well. There seems to be compatibility problems with the Lame encoder though.

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