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No error massage is availble

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Rigo tromp

2003-11-03 14:21:27

No error massage is availble

Always when I want to play a song on my hard disk a window opens and tell me "no error massage is availble. Can you explaim me what of problems this is?

Wolfgang Loch

2003-11-03 14:24:34

Re: No error massage is availble

You get this message if you try to play an encrypted WMA file.

Rigo Tromp

2003-11-04 22:05:18

Re: No error massage is availble

What is an encrypted wma file?
What do I have to do with the encrypted file? Because I could play my songs before and now I can't. All my songs are put on my hard disc.

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