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Event-scheduler feature review

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Jorge David Ljubich

2003-11-08 12:58:03

Event-scheduler feature review

Hello Wolfgang,

Suppose I have 3-events scheduled in the following order...

Event A at 0:15
Event B at 0:10
Event C at 0:10

I need Event C be played after Event B, but, if Event B is longer than 5-min, Event A is played first. I understand events priority according to events order; but, I think Raduga should be assign higher priority to earlier events.

Please, let me know if I wrong.

Best regards,


Wolfgang Loch

2003-11-10 12:34:18

Re: Event-scheduler feature review

There is a good reason why it was implemented in this way, but I don't rememer it at the moment. I'm sure I would remember it I tried to change the behaviour.

For now I can only recomment you to sort the events by drag and drop. It will also be easier for you to find an event if the list is sorted.

Soon there will be a "sort" button to sort the event list automatically.

Jorge David Ljubich

2003-11-10 19:52:56

Re: Event-scheduler feature review


Suppose that I have scheduled...

10:10 Ad break.alb
10:00 Artist of the day introduction.mp3
10:00 Artist of the day.rotation
10:00 Artist of the day closing.mp3

...and, one song in 'Artist of the day.rotation' is longer than 10-min; then, 'Artist of the day closing.mp3' will be played after 'Ad break.alb'.

There are a lot of situations where it's really necessary that 'Ad break.alb' be played before 'Artist of the day' block; specially, when -for any reason- 'Artist of the day' block is late. In those situations, event sorting won't be a good idea!

I think it would be clearer that Raduga take presedence on event time; then, event position (not reverse).

Best regards,


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