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Lost pending events

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Jorge David Ljubich

2003-11-11 19:25:45

Lost pending events


Pending events (ones that are waiting a song finishes) are lost when pressing 'next track', 'break', 'play', etc.

Is there any way to avoid this unespected behavior?

Best regards,


Wolfgang Loch

2003-11-12 00:05:02

Re: Lost pending events

Yes, move the position slider manually to the end of the song.

Jorge David Ljubich

2003-11-12 05:40:43

Re: Lost pending events

Hello Wolfgang,

I consider moving the position slider manually is not a Raduga high level solution. It is not usefull in most situations, specially, when pressing 'break' to let announcer speaks for a while.

Thanks anyway,


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