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2004-01-03 18:00:45


Who knows a good rocking setting with the db-audioware. In special the dynamics processor and multiband limiter.



2004-01-09 21:08:18

Re: soundprocessing

Why not be original and leave the audio as is and don't subject you listeners to fatiguing prossesing. If you want more listeners try making better programmes


2004-01-24 23:04:39

Re: soundprocessing

Try iZotope Ozone at: http://www.izotope.com/products/audio/ozone/
Very very good plugin that sounds like the processing radio stations use.
Select: options--> More Exitation. Then select Loudness maximizer and turn the Threshold to -4.7.

Robert Media

2004-12-28 22:56:15

Re: soundprocessing

Hey I tried Using this Plugin and not only does it look great but it sounds great too!!.

2 probs tho,

1) it is processor heavy ie it consumes not only high CPU usage but also memory as well

2) crossfades doesnt seem to work, especially in the miniplaylist. this may be due to the High CPU usage??

xp pro SP2 on PIII 800 256 ram


2005-02-03 05:27:30

Re: soundprocessing

Soundprocessing is for professional radio right. The amateurs don't want it.... Hey, we have 2005, and not 1960 !

db-audio : Plug Dynamic : Wich version ? Version 1.04 :
Thresh - 22
Attack 0
Ratio: 1:8
Release : 300 ms
Volume : -2

Multiband :
Band one : up to 250 KHz: Boost 3 dB, Limit -10, Attack : 60 ms

Band two : up to 5.8 KHz : Boost 4 dB, Limit -8

Band three : Boost 0, Limit -20, Attack : 10ms

But :_ its for any soundcart variable. And : Its only for Version 1.04 !!! The Version 1.05 has no Attack from 0ms, .....


2005-02-17 18:47:18


Does anyone knows if there will be a support for WINAMP plugins in the near future ?

I lover theire SOUNDSOLUTION plugin, a fully featured broadcast processor wich sounds SUPER !

More info on this WINAMP plugin goto:



2005-02-17 19:14:20

Re: soundprocessing

no chance,

like you are saying - Sound Solution is based on Winamp while Raduga uses the Windows Media playback engine.


2005-04-02 13:28:08

Re: soundprocessing

I suggest you guys use Ultrafunk sontis FX 3
direct X plugins there great they make the station sound great as well.

chadi fakhry

2005-04-04 12:41:12

Re: soundprocessing

Try Wave Hammer from Sony pictures http//mediasoftware.sonypictures.com


2005-04-08 16:55:56

Re: soundprocessing

There is another solution
I use an external program to do the sound processing.

You will need
2 full duplex soundcards
Steinberg wavelab

Setup soundcard one :
Use the windows mixer , goto recording and sellect wave-out or master.
Start Steinberg Wavelab.
Now set up the program under the preferences tab.
Go to soundcard
Sellect soundcard one in the recording section
sellect soundcard 2 at the playback section.

Start Raduga

Go back to wavelab and go to view>Specialized windows and sellect " LIVE INPUT " you now should hear sound on soundcard 2

Go to the Mastersection and sellect plugins ( i use a combination of the waves bundle and the hyperprism bundle )

streaming is simple , record from soundcard 2 and off you go .

I admit , it's not a simple out of the box solution but it works fine!

and how does it sound?

copy and paste can get the whole url showing up :(

Nico Huijg

2005-04-09 21:12:32

Re: soundprocessing

" hineze says :
I suggest you guys use Ultrafunk sontis FX 3
direct X plugins there great they make the station sound great as well. "

Ultrafunk is now from Cakewalk and in the FX 3 from cakewalk there is no multiband compressor,
where can i find Ultrafunk sonitus FX 3 multiband compressor.

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