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Buttons: REAL buttons

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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A. Peters

2004-01-09 15:55:08

Buttons: REAL buttons

Jocks here are looking at the Raduga demo and like it a lot (looking to replace an expensive and complex 5-year old software program), but they are used to buttons. The program they use now has a box with three "doorbells" on it: LIVE, AUTO and NEXT. They press the first to pause the automation and do a live shift, press the second just before returning to the computer, then hit the third to start the PC up again. They dont want a keyboard to clutter the already limited space, and kludging a button-box from a broken keyboard is a bit much. Is there a way to start and stop Raduga from the game port?

Wolfgang Loch

2004-01-09 16:52:15

Re: Buttons: REAL buttons

Yes, you can use any joystick-compatible input device. Buttons 1-4 are mapped to Play, Stop, Next and Break. If you have a gamepad with more buttons on it, you can fire up to 9 jingles.

mike great

2005-09-11 15:30:38

Re: Buttons: REAL buttons

It is possible to arrange any scheme? How to do it? In a cheapest way?

Carl Greenham

2006-01-09 11:37:43

Re: Buttons: REAL buttons

Does anyone know or can suggest a particular piece of hardware that would be suitable to trigger off jingles etc. I use raduga for a school radio station. I need something that is basic that the kids would understand.

Is there a way to include a button that allows the song to BREAK as the kids use this option often.


2006-01-09 19:59:11

Re: Buttons: REAL buttons

Have a look at this thread



2006-01-19 10:28:56

Re: Buttons: REAL buttons

can anyone suggest a website where i can purchase a peice of hardware suitable to use with raduga....?

Cor Houtjes

2006-01-20 10:08:45

Re: Buttons: REAL buttons

Maybe this is something for you?

Ken Westerman

2006-02-04 11:42:55

Re: Buttons: REAL buttons

I have tried using two 555 timner one for break and one to play triggering an opto coupler all switching comes from the switch to talk.

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