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Overlapping / Voicetracking?

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2004-01-13 21:50:17

Overlapping / Voicetracking?

Quick question...

What would the easiest way to voicetrack be? At this point, I'm thinking I would keep auto-fade off, and set the voicetrack file to seg at the exact length of the file? Is this right? For example:

Song #1
VoiceTrackFile (0:22)~22
Song #2 (with a 22 second intro)

Is this right? Is there an easier way? Thanks!


Charlie Davy

2004-01-14 12:03:40

Re: Overlapping / Voicetracking?

Unless you want to work out EVERY vocal intro to your songs - yes!

Your voicetracks can all be called xxx~0
They will start the song when the voice track ends. Unless you have a quiet song intro or some heavy processing - voicetracking over music isn't easy.

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