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AutoStart playlist ...

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2004-01-29 22:02:32

AutoStart playlist ...


Is it possible that raduga starts automatically with a playlist, an activity and an event?

Thank you.

Wolfgang Loch

2004-01-29 22:13:23

Re: AutoStart playlist ...

If you enable the option "Auto play" in the Options/General dialog, then Raduga will automatically continue the previous playlist on startup at the point where it was on shutdown. This won't work with the demo version, because the "Auto play" option is not stored persistently.

You can also start a playlist as scheduled event. Simply enter the playlist file name (*.alb) as event file. Make sure to check also the "Run immediately" option for the event.


2004-01-29 23:26:15

Re: AutoStart playlist ...

What is the version of raduga which after restart due for exemple to a power cut, restarts there where it had been stopped ; whith the same Playlist (wehe it was stopped) and events ?

When will go out the version 3.7?

Thank you

Wolfgang Loch

2004-01-30 07:58:39

Re: AutoStart playlist ...

Raduga has always remembered the playlist name and postition on regular shutdown (since version 1.2 or so).

However, if there's a power failure, then there's no time to save the current position. Therefore it will re-start at the point of the last regular shutdown.

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