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Raduga for Video project (URGENT)

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2004-02-12 15:28:56

Raduga for Video project (URGENT)

We have been using Raduga 3.6 for audio only in many outlets (mainly in hypermarkets, retail shops, malls, and fuel stations).

We have now a potential project for 100-150 outlets for localized video playout on TV's and VGA monitors.

We were thinking of using Raduga for this.
However we need to know if it would be possible to do what is required.

What we need is to playout an off-air TV signal in full screen picked up by a PC TV card and every 15 minutes playout (also in full-screen) video spots that are on stored on the computer harddisk.

Please let me know if this has been successfuly tested by anybody, and what was the exact setup/configuration used.

Thanks for the help and prompt reply.

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