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Jingle after every song played

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2004-02-22 00:56:42

Jingle after every song played

Hi I am demoing Raduga...I was wondering is there a way to make raduga play a jingle after every song for example a Station ID after every song or track...

Please advise

Ashley-Kenneth Allen

2004-02-22 04:06:15

Re: Jingle after every song played

yes there is -- buy airlist and make a playlist with a spotgroup between every song. (Like Sweeper Colds or Walkaways.


2004-02-22 10:26:51

Re: Jingle after every song played

Or to answer the question...

Yes, in the Events Editor - Schedule your Jingle every 3,4,5 mins. Depends on your song lengths. If you play 60s then you may want every 3 mins.

If you play long songs like Dance then you may want 5 mins.

This is to ensure that you don't end up playing 2 jingles together because they've queued up for so long. Although the new version of Raduga has a feature to eliminate this problem.


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