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Cal White

2004-02-26 14:37:42

Events Scheduler

I have installed the new 3.8 and I have a couple of questions/comments:

In the Events Scheduler, I like the feature that lets you pick which hours the events fire, but I was under the impression that I'd be able to customize this for each day of the week. For example, I have an afternoon show that runs (pre-recorded as an .mpl) between 3 & 6PM Mon-Fri. What I have done is simply not schedule any events for those three hours. Unfortunately, that leave me screwed for Sat/Sun. What I would like to do is set the hours for each day individually. Can I not do that? Or am I missing something?

Also, a minor point. Is there no way to change the clock font? It looks pretty gruesome. Or is this just the Trebuchet font I do use, enlarged?

I'm sure I'll have more questions later. Thanks for your time,

Cal White
Manager, Hawk Radio
Wahta Mohawk Territory

Wolfgang Loch

2004-02-26 15:19:12

Re: Events Scheduler

The new scheduler allows you to play events at specified hours on specified days of the week. There is no feature to suppress events on certain hours or week days.

If you want to play the same event on Monday and Sunday, but you want it to play on different hours, then you must schedule the event twice: one for Monday and one for Sunday.

Regarding the clock - it looks best if you reduce its size to the minimum. To do this, double-click on the small gripper on its left. You may need to do this 2 or 3 times, because double-click toggles between minimum, maximum and ideal size.

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