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WMP Integration

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Jorge David Ljubich

2004-02-28 19:44:51

WMP Integration


Raduga 3.8 Windows MediaPlayer integration is great, even,.. mp3/wma TAG support. Same as requested (by me ;)

Now, it's possible to organize every song withing Windows MediaPlayer and play them in Raduga.

Playing Windows MediaPlayer auto-playlists (based on dynamic queries; ea. bpm, genre, year, etc.) allows you to obtain a very professional music rotation schema.

It would be very useful if Raduga writes date/time and increases '1' to currently played song in Windows MediaPlayer library o avoid song/artist repetition.

Best regards and congratullations for Raduga 3.8!


Wolfgang Loch

2004-02-29 12:45:07

Re: WMP Integration

Good idea. I have just created a Raduga add-in which increments the PlayCount values when Raduga plays a song that has been added to Media Library. It also takes into account the current time and weekday.

Unfortunately the LastPlayedTime attribute is read-only. That means it can be set only by set directly by WMP.

The new WMPCount add-in is free for registered users of Raduga 3.8. You can request it by e-mail from your local distributor.

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