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Time remaining

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2004-03-26 16:18:28

Time remaining


First of all great the new Raduga! Is it possible to put the time remaining also in the file CurrentSong? Everything thats in the Meta-data of the song Ruduga put it in this CurrentSong file. I have look in the Raduga SDK but found nothing about it or have i overlook it?


Wolfgang Loch

2004-03-28 20:27:20

Re: Time remaining

You could use the properties Player.Position and Player.Duration to calculate the remaining time. However, since Raduga does not have a build-in timer event, you will have to use some external software or ActiveX control if you want to update the file periodically.

Also look at the sample application
i the Raduga SDK folder for an example. It uses Internet Explorer to provide a timer event.

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