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Raduga 3.8.1 released

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Wolfgang Loch

2004-04-04 19:11:33

Raduga 3.8.1 released

This is a minor upgrade that includes the following changes that have been requested since the release or version 3.8:
- show tilde in playlist and now playing
- added menu item Media/Schedule Events...
- reduce time remaining by overlap time (unless if break is active)
- improved length calculation for VBR-encoded MP3 files
- fixed Live365 upload

Raduga 3.8.1 is now also available as Unicode version, which allows to use file names that contain characters beyond the Western character set, for example Turkish characters.

The update to version 3.8.1 is free for users of version 3.8 and users of version 3.6 who purchased this version after April 01 2003. Please contact your Raduga distributor for download details.

Language packs for Raduga 3.8 will continue to work for version 3.8.1.


2004-04-05 20:42:20

Re: Raduga 3.8.1 released

sorry for my english....
the demo version of raduga 3.8 not work with cd, is not implemented for the demo or is a problem of the version 3.8?
The demo 3.8.1 work with cd??
were I download the demo of 3.8.1?
Best regards


Wolfgang Loch

2004-04-05 21:04:49

Re: Raduga 3.8.1 released

The CD module appears to be broken in version 3.8. It doesn't work in version 3.8.1 either.
Thank you for reporting this issue. It will be fixed soon.


2004-04-16 17:23:09

Re: Raduga 3.8.1 released

Quisiera ver las nuevas propiedades del Raduga 3.8; yo poseo el 3.1. FAVOR DE ENVIAR UN DEMO.

Roni Hidayattullah

2006-08-14 15:39:27

Re: Raduga 3.8.1

My name is Roni, I is Indonesian, I have program of raduga from your company, from version 2.29, 3.1.1, 3.50, 3.60 and 3.80 but all wearing crack, I know is insincere, but I cannot have besides that way. do I can have raduga which is full version without having to buy? because me have no enough money to buy your software. forgiveness if me during the time wear raduga which is ilegal, thank.


2006-09-09 12:31:15

Raduga 3.8.1 Problem

I have Raduga version 3.8.1, but me have problem, why weared to turn around CD music cannot? what it is true weakness of Raduga version 3.8.1? helping to give way out me.

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