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shoutcast add-inn

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2004-04-05 11:20:08

shoutcast add-inn

Is it possible to stream, with the shoutcast add-inn, to 2 different servers. So i must fill in two different adress,portnr and passw. in the shoutcast file. Can you tell me if that is possible?


Wolfgang Loch

2004-04-05 12:11:34

Re: shoutcast add-inn

The standard version only works with a single shoutcast server. Some time ago I have made a version that works with 2 servers for another customer. Please contact me personally (wolo@wolosoft.com) for more info.


2004-04-27 16:28:20

Re: shoutcast add-inn

Where is the plug-in ???
Where can I download it ???

Do you mean a plug-in that can send audio from raduga directly to Shoutcast Server ???

Wolfgang Loch

2004-04-27 18:15:19

Re: shoutcast add-inn

It's all explained on this page:

Lisa Peterson

2004-04-27 18:37:12

Re: shoutcast add-inn

Why isn't the LogMPL a standard feature with Raduga? As I have been playing with Raduga for the last week or two I have been trying out all sorts of events schedule combinations to log commercials yet keep the task of maintaining the shedule for future spots easy. Since there really isn't a full blown traffic software package available yet the only way to keep track of what is played is the log that Raduga generates.

(Side Note - It would be nice to see a future version include a feature that would allow you to enter a commercial, promo, or song name and Raduga would pull up a log of all dates and times that it aired on some sort of official affidavit type page and then the user could print it out for traffic billing purposes)

One way that I found to easily add spots in the future was through miniplaylist. But when they would run the log would list it as .mpl file instead of what actually ran. I didn't know there was a plug-in. This should be something Raduga can do on the standard version.


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