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2001-11-26 08:05:32


Where can I find the DirectX plug in for compression and limiting. I downloaded directX but found nothing about compression. SECOND REQUEST! Does anybody have an answer?

Wolfgang Loch

2001-11-27 11:52:10

Re: Compressor/Limiter

DirectX 8 includes a compressor plug-in. It appears as "Compressor" in the list of plug-ins. However, its user interface is far from intuitive. Therefore it's a good idea to buy a 3rd party plug-in. Look at http://www.wolosoft.com/en/raduga/plugins.html for some examples or search other messages on this board for recommendations from Raduga users


2003-03-19 07:11:30

Re: Compressor/Limiter

Use Raduga AGC (www.raduga.net)


2003-03-19 10:48:42

Re: Compressor/Limiter



2003-03-20 00:15:14

Re: Compressor/Limiter

If you already downloaded DirectX from DB Audioware. Use as the first plug in the Dynamics Processor. Click on your right mouse en choose "medium compression" with fast attack.

This is a good compressor. Then you use the Multiband Limiter, adjust to your likings and if you want you can use as last the Mastering Limiter.

I get great results with this combination. Also the Raduga AGC is a good leveler. I checked the output on a VU meter and it was acceptably stabel.

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