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Raduga Freezing on songs

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Jimmy Nguyen

2004-04-20 16:51:59

Raduga Freezing on songs

hi there,
we have purchase three copies of raduga and on some instances raduga will stop on certain songs and wont play them. On copy one it stops on song A and will not play regardless while on copy two it will be able to play that same song.

Im guessing either the song is a bad rip or raduga cant play because of some error. It just freezes on some songs while the copies of raduga on other machines play fine.

Any ideas?
Jimmy Nguyen

Wolfgang Loch

2004-04-20 19:06:55

Re: Raduga Freezing on songs

When Raduga encounters an error, then it will write a message to the log file and continue with the next song, provided the "ignore all errors" option is checked.

However, there are (rare) situations where the underlying DirectShow driver just freezes and does not report an error to the application. The Raduga "silence detector" can detect this freezing and force to skip the song.

The reason may be badly encoded files or an instable network connection if the files are stored on a server. I have a few bad Midi files to reproduce this behaviour, but I never experienced it with MP3 files.

Using the silence detector is a workaround for this problem if you have music files from unknown sources. But a better solution is to re-encode the files using your preferred MP3 encoder.

Jimmy Nguyen

2004-04-27 19:28:28

Re: Raduga Freezing on songs

Hi Wolfgang, thanks
We are using Accoustica Mp3 encoder software, but the work around for the silent detection has work but we have a bad script error as well my guess is that the computer needs to reboot everynow and then. if you have any other suggestions please let me know thanks


2004-05-18 00:06:24

Re: Raduga Freezing on songs

I have the seem problem, your mpeg.dll is not an orignal off windows, have u sound forge install on this machine ??

unstall it or software (mpeg / mp3compression...)

And the problem is fixed !!


Jimmy Nguyen

2004-06-10 00:03:59

Re: Raduga Freezing on songs

Noss, there is no soundforge installed...
let me know.


2004-09-23 08:49:54

Re: Raduga Freezing on songs

Okay but i need soundforge and raduga on the same pc. Wich sollution?
Is it bether to install raduga as last software after soundforge or not ?


2004-09-27 23:23:52

Re: Raduga Freezing on songs

I had the same problem with Raduga 3.8 and the cause was Windows Media Player 10 Final. If your computers run Windows Media Player 10, better remove it and restore the previous version of Media Player, 9/8 ETC. Maybe in this version of Media Player there are the bug with codecs.

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