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one channel missing

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Hein Veld

2004-04-25 22:42:02

one channel missing

Everry now and then we mis one channel (left or richt) when Raduga 3.6 is playing(on windows ME).
one song is played corectly and then the next song is misses one channel, the song after works normal and then with the next song one channel is missing again.
What is wrong??? please Help!

Sorry for my englis (it's been a wile)

Chuck Conrad

2004-04-26 15:33:15

Re: one channel missing

Have you checked the audio cable that comes out of your sound card? Those little stereo mini jacks are notorious for causing all kinds of audio problems. They simply do not fit well in the socket.

We had a case of "The Vanishing Channel" which we did not really notice when our station was running in mono. Every now and then, a song would sound really weird, but we were never able to figure out why. When we switched to stereo operation, the problem became quite evident. Worse yet, it was intermittent so it was hard to trouble shoot. Replacing the cable solved the problem.

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