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Minimum system requirements

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Yvonne Wood

2004-04-26 15:34:09

Minimum system requirements

Can you tell me what the "Minimum" system requirements are for a PC running nothing other than Raduga 3.8 Universal radio
Also the "Preferred" system spec for Raduga 3.8 running Universal radio.
In both cases I plan on having all output as 24/7 fully automated not a LIVE DJ.

Wolfgang Loch

2004-04-26 17:29:34

Re: Minimum system requirements

System requirements (according to Readme.rtf)
• Pentium II class processor with 400 MHz or better
• Microsoft Windows compatible sound card
• 128 MBytes RAM
• Microsoft Windows ME, Windows 2000 or Windows XP
• DirectX 8 or higher

The absolute "minimum" would be Windows 98 SE with DirectX 8, but we strongly recommend Windows 2000/XP because of its stability - especially if you plan to run the system unattended for many hours or days. For Windows XP you should have 256 MByte RAM. And of cause a huge hard drive to store music files.

To make it short - buy any new PC with pre-installed Windows XP Home Ed. and you will be fine.

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