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is raduga compatable to realproducer

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Mike Hagins

2004-05-06 05:19:19

is raduga compatable to realproducer

I love Raduga used it at a small radio station that I use to work at. Quick question, I'm looking to start an internet radio station and looking at a streaming service from mediacast1, can I use raduga through the real player and realproducer they offer, if so how. thanks! love the sight.


2004-05-06 18:18:20

Re: is raduga compatable to realproducer

any help would be appreciated.

Wolfgang Loch

2004-05-06 19:11:50

Re: is raduga compatable to realproducer

I haven't tried RealProducer yet, but I guess it will work similar to Windows Media Encoder or Shoutcast. You have to select the output channel of your sound car mixer as input signal for the encoder. The mixer line is usually called "Stereo Mix" or similar.

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