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2004-05-06 11:03:49

RAC Server


Is it possible to write for Raduga a RAC server? So people can instant request a song and, the script, place it right at the top of the playlist. So it be played right away.


Wolfgang Loch

2004-05-06 16:27:22

Re: RAC Server

Sure, I think it should be possible. The guys of Magic7Music (http://www.m7m.net) have made their own song request form. (see http://www.m7m.net/wolo/frame2.html)

The interesting question is how your users can find out which songs are available.


2004-05-06 18:37:59

Re: RAC Server

It most be possible with a RAC Server to make instant requests. Not with a form! We got a request-form. It's as nobody is in the studio and people wanna ask a request.
Let me explain.

You got a page with all the songs that Raduga can play. People click on the song of there choise (on that page) and with a script Raduga get the order to play the request song. Raduga will play that song as soon as the playing song is done. You know what i mean??


Wolfgang Loch

2004-05-06 22:06:10

Re: RAC Server

That's almost exactly how the request form at m7m works. Most of the time the station runs 100% automated. Users can submit the track number of the requested song. This song is then scheduled automatically to play within the next 15 minutes.

I think I could build a similar system for about 500 Euro plus installation on your server. Let me know if you are interrested.


2004-05-08 07:22:57

Re: RAC Server

It's a lott of money Wolfgang. Speciale for a non-commerciele station. Is it not possible to make it a 3rd-Party Tools for Raduga. So the price can (i hope)be lower?
Still am interrested. Tell me more about it.

I have see a similar script that works with php. This script put the database on a page where the people can click on there request artist/song and it will be set on the top of the playlist.


2004-07-26 17:49:38

Re: RAC Server

Hi John,

Yes as Wolfgang told you, we did it. We wrote a complete prog that runs in the background so that the listeners can choose the song that have to be played as next or within 10 minutes.
Just give me a call +49 172 3983778


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