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Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Chuck Conrad

2004-05-09 18:17:58


I’m contemplating starting a small network. Programming would originate in our studio, using Raduga for automation. Two other stations would pick us up off the air and rebroadcast our audio for at least part of their day. The remote stations would be unattended when this is going on.

Several times during the hour, they need to automatically cut away to insert local spots, station IDs, etc.

I’m thinking that I could use Raduga at each station, set to take “live” for most of the hour. The network signal would feed into the line in jack. At the appropriate time, it would break away for local inserts that would run off the local computer. This would require the master computer to play an instrumental just before the break, which would fade out for the local insert. Getting back out of it would be a little dodgy. I haven't figured that out as yet. It also brings up the issue of syncing the computer clocks together, so they are all on the same time. As most of you have noticed, PC’s keep awful time. I know they can be synced off the Internet, but it remains to be seen if a full time Internet connection can be made from either of the satellite transmitter locations.

We could also send cue tones to trigger the remote computers, but I can see all kinds of problems with that approach. I’m not even sure where to start searching for reasonably priced hardware or software to do this.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Charlie Davy

2004-05-09 19:33:32

Re: Network

Have a look at my previous message entitled: Raduga SKD, and look at Wolfgang's reply.

Using WinTone DTMF decoder, you'll be able to fire JS scripts that can start Audio Files or effectively press the Play button on Raduga.

This would ensure both remote stations started at the correct time. For playing remote Ads, you'd need to wait xxx mins and then resume.

It sounds complicated but in reality it's quite easy, and indeed a very basic (or cheap!) way of syndicating your programs.

No special hardware is needed. Although you will need to work your DTMF tones into your Jingles (unless you don't mind them being audible). You will get about 2s delay from playing the tones befre Raduga does what it's told.

Hope that helps.


William C. Walker

2004-05-10 17:17:40

Re: Network

Chuck, Rocket Time will keep you on time.


Chuck Conrad

2004-05-11 14:42:39

Re: Network

Thank you for the tips. I guess I need to do some experimenting.

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