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New Raduga Tools

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Wolfgang Loch

2004-05-13 18:16:37

New Raduga Tools

Six new 3rd-party tools for Raduga have been published at
- Raduga Time Signal
- HTML Playlist
- HTML Playlist FTP
- Song Selector 1.1
- Traffic Manager
- Raduga Counter

cor houtjes

2004-05-17 18:06:08

Re: New Raduga Tools

Sorry Wolfgang,

The URL for HTML playlist FTP is not working.

Thanks for the other tools

Wolfgang Loch

2004-05-17 18:22:36

Re: New Raduga Tools

Thank you pointing this out. The link is now working. The HTML Playlist Ftp add-in has been updated yesterday.

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